Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are hot technologies with major players such as Microsoft and Samsung entering the race to create devices and experiences that enhance and sometimes alter the user’s perception of the world around them.

VR immerses the user completely in a digital environment, either through a headset or a digital display that surrounds them. AR layers virtual elements on to the real world, when viewed through a smartphone or a mobile device (think Pokemon).

Both technologies hold some pretty exciting prospects for business today, especially in areas like marketing, training and entertainment value-adds. For example, Virtual Reality gives small businesses the marketing and promotional tools to immerse its customers in a lifelike 3D product experience. All it takes is an inexpensive 3D camera to shoot a video and upload it to YouTube for customers to view in 360 degrees.

But the real impact of these technologies in the long run will be on transforming the shopping experience of customers.

At DIGI_X we will show you how to map your customer experience transformation pathway using AR and VR.