Priti Ambani


Priti Ambani

General Manager - Tech Futures Lab

Priti Ambani is an engineer, entrepreneur and educator. Her professional career began in civil and environmental design. Over the last 9 years, as part of global teams, she has gained a deep understanding of the dynamics of digital collaboration, co-creation, emerging disruptive technologies and its impact on our societies. Her perspective is unique on account of her Indian roots, cultural intelligence and interactions with diverse collaborators.

As member of the faculty and interim GM, Priti shares her vision and perspectives on the future of work, business and society introducing individuals and businesses to possibilities around emerging disruptive technologies at Tech Futures Lab.

At Its Noon, Priti activates inclusive networks with their human empowerment technology --- digital and social frameworks that enable people and organisations to activate meaningful relationships with their communities, customers and stakeholders.

Priti has also co-founded The Next Billion, an impact-driven enterprise that pools collective resources to invest in female-led businesses. Priti was born and raised in Mumbai, India and lived in the United States for 13 years. In 2015, her family moved to Auckland, New Zealand.