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Mobility is much more than simply accessing emails and messages on the go.

A well-executed mobility plan can unlock significant advantages for a business. Unfortunately only a very small percentage of companies are using mobility to transform their customers’ experiences or operational processes.

Imagine the remote worker or on-the-road teams using mobile devices to gain access to work systems and data, activate location services and collect and transmit data back to their businesses. Suddenly the sales team or fleet drivers are more responsive and agile and can collaborate with their back offices to enable decisions and insights in real-time.

The ability to collect payments through mobile devices is already a big revolution for small businesses that engage customers in the field.

But that could translate into so much more if the business was able to capture customer data simultaneously with relevant data such as time and location for analytical and marketing purposes, giving them the ability to build long-term customer relationships.

There are challenges as well, such as device management and security, which need to be addressed when creating a mobility plan for your business.