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ExportNZ is a community of exporters providing each other with the inspiration, collegial support and advice to allow their business to prosper. We see incredible power in what we call peer-to-peer engagement – that’s companies learning from and listening to other companies’ experiences in different markets and sectors.

When heading overseas and entering new markets you are entering unchartered territory – you don’t know what you need to know until you need to know it – that’s the danger.

There is plenty you can read in books, plenty you can learn in a classroom, but there are plenty who have been through the school of hard knocks and it’s that sharing of war stories and practical tips and tricks to help fuel your export drive that is so rewarding for all involved.

In order to maximize the opportunity and mitigate the risk you need access to good advice.

Exporters sharing real world experience – real world help going off-shore.

Our annual ExportNZ Awards campaign recognises our exporters in their quest to boost exports from 30 percent to 40 percent of GDP by 2025.