Danu Abeysuriya


Danu Abeysuriya

Founder & CTO - Rush Digital

Danu's specialist engineering studio Rush Digital has swelled to over 50 staff since it was founded in 2010. International clients include Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Under Armour, Heineken, BBC and ExxonMobil, with local clients like TVNZ, ASB, Vector and Fonterra also looking to Rush for leadership in developing innovative technology solutions.

Danu and his team of hand-­‐picked software engineers never fail to deliver projects they’ve taken on. Collaborating with a unique breadth of skills allows them to create original solutions for every brief, and they're regarded within the industry as the fail-­‐safe team to turn to for over 150 projects, with strengths in AR/VR/CV and IOT.

Danu graduated with honours from the University of Auckland in 2007 and remains CTO of Rush Digital, preferring to leave the business side to his investors.

Winner of 2016 NZ High Tech Young Achiever Award, nominated for the NZ High Tech Award 3 years in a row.