Cloud & Data

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Cloud & Data

When the concept of cloud computing first emerged way back in the 1980s few would have imagined its unbridled growth to become the ubiquitous technological revolution that it is today. We are all touched by cloud in some capacity in our daily personal and working lives. And some of the smartest and fastest-growing businesses from across sectors have utilised cloud-based technologies to accelerate their business growth.

Within the next few years, almost all businesses will eventually move to the cloud and the rewards will be huge, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

The key advantages include low costs, access to complex managed services and advanced analytics. Cloud platforms can offer small business collaboration and file sharing services, e.g., Dropbox and Microsoft 365;

The transmitted data will obviously need to be parsed and interpreted at some point to make sense to end users of that data. This is where cloud technologies and applications come in to be able to make sense of streams of real-time data, analysing it and converting it on the fly to provide insights that could be invaluable and game-changing for businesses.

At DIGI_X we will look at how businesses, even from traditional industries, could use IoT technologies to respond faster and smarter and in real-time.