Ben Ridler
Ben Ridler launched his first company in his early twenties. Before he sold it, he groomed it into a successful franchise operation with over twenty-five locations.

A professional epiphany came a couple companies later. While listening to a motivational speaker, he realized that his true calling was to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

He joined every coaching venue he could find, expanding his knowledge and backing it up with his own experience. From this, he created The Results Group, a consulting company that eventually expanded across Australasia, North America and Europe.

They did “business coaching” before the term “business coaching” existed. They won numerous awards and skyrocketed to the ninth position in the Deloitte Fast 50.

He worked with hundreds of different sized clients facing diverse challenges, and found that practically all businesses had two major problems:

First, they struggled to engage employees in the pursuit of business goals. And second, managers did not have real-time insight into what was working and what wasn’t. His consulting company’s methods helped. But he knew more was possible. He tracked the development of SaaS technology until it reached the point where a web-based application could draw data from several other applications -- sales force automation, marketing automation, accounting, etc. -- and effectively relate them to give management unprecedented insight.

He invested in the domain name "" and started his latest company. Consolidating all he learned as an entrepreneur and as a business coach, he built the business management application he wished he’d had when he started out.

Today a world-class implementation team helps every client transform their corporate culture. They’re not satisfied until their client sees dramatic gains in people performance and the long-term profitability that comes from engagement and alignment.

Named one of the "Worlds Top 50 Startups" by the Silicon Valley's Tie50 Awards, now serves businesses across Australasia, North America and Europe.

Today, Ridler speaks to business groups worldwide about the fundamental shifts currently taking place in business, management and communications.


June 23rd 2017
3:55pm - 4.25pm
Mike T Smith, Managing Director, IBM New Zealand Simona Turin, GM - Digital Strategy and Capabilities, Air New Zealand Ben Ridler, CEO,